Mel's  Little Creatures
About the Artist

Melisa Ferris (Mel) has been designing and selling jewelry, crochet, and other items since high school.  After a move from Atlanta, Georgia, to Kasson, Minnesota, she decided to pursue her creative passions full-time. 

From hand-made jewelry and hats to costumes and original clothing, photos and collage art to historic research and story telling, Mel's interests range far and wide.    

Why spend your money on  something substandard that everyone else already has?  Why buy the same old repeated designs?  Showcase your own style, buy local, and help support local artists.  Stand out from the crowd with original, wearable art!


Each item from Mel’s Little Creatures is guaranteed for quality workmanship. If it breaks, gather up the pieces and call Mel. Don't get mad--get it fixed.


Mel's Little Creatures--

A Little Bit of Whimsy in a Way Too Serious World.

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