Mel's  Little Creatures
Semi-Precious Jewelry

The Neutrals

Semi-precious jewelry with Botswana agate, sodalite, crab agate, turquoise, smoky quartz and sterling silver.

From left:

Necklace: (blue sodalite,51-133) $65.00

Necklace: (large agates, 51-135) $61.00

Earrings: (51-134) $17.00

Necklace: (51-156) $74.00

Earrings: (51-14) $22.00

Natural Beauty

A hand-carved Moss Agate flower, suspended from a string of Serpentine, Onyx, Black Tourmaline Chips, Garnet and Sterling Silver.  Moss Agate is believed to be a powerful stone, and aids in the release of anger and bitter feelings.  It is said to bring the wearer health, stability, and friends.

Necklace: (51-148) $75.00

Big and Bold

The necklace is made of turquoise, jasper and large sterling silver beads. The top earrings are turquoise, jasper and sterling, and the lower pair is turquoise and Czech faceted glass.  These are true statement making pieces..and, as always, are one-of-a-kind.

Necklace (51-165) SOLD


Top: (51-164) SOLD

Bottom: (51-167) SOLD

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